SAN ANTONIO, TX (January 20,  2023) – The Association of Collegiate Anglers announces that T-H Marine will support and provide prizes for select ACA sanctioned School-Run events in 2023.  Host schools can apply for their event to be supported by T-H Marine prize packages on the ACA website.  Selected events will be required to promote T-H Marine on-site during the event and on social media.  As part of the support offered by T-H Marine, host schools will receive prize packages valued between $500.00 and $1,500.00 to include in the payout for their event.

Apply to have your School-Run event supported by T-H Marine.

School-Run events are a crucial part to the race for Bass Pro Shops School of the Year presented by Abu Garcia.  These events give anglers the opportunity to earn valuable points while fishing in tournaments that are regionally located close to their school.  Each event pays 100 points to the winner, awarding points to the Top 20 teams in the overall standings.  Host schools also earn hosting points for their efforts.  Find out more details about School-Run events and the points awarded at these tournaments here.

For school bass fishing clubs/teams that are selected to participate in the T-H Marine program, host schools will be required to use these items in the prize payout for that selected event.  In digital promotion of the tournament, host schools must tag T-H Marine on social media and use the following hashtags: #THMarine, #THMarineTeam.

Host schools must submit for sanctioning and have event approved by ACA one month before the event date to be sanctioned for points.   Once approved by the ACA to be sanctioned for points, host schools can then apply for the T-H Marine support program.

Only school bass fishing clubs/teams will be eligible to participate in the T-H Marine support program.

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