ORLANDO, Fla – Entering a challenging market with stiff competition, the Berkley PowerBait Nessie shines brightest to win the Best of Category award for Freshwater Soft Bait at ICAST 2023.

Going where no glide bait has ever gone, the all new scientifically built Berkley PowerBait Nessie allows anglers to fish a big profile glide bait where no big profile bait has ever been able to reach. Allowing anglers to skip, slide, and cast this bait into uncharted water – the PowerBait Nessie is the bait needed to trick the fish of a lifetime that’s lurking in the most challenging of hiding spots.

Available in three different sizes: 5-inch, 7-inch, and up to 9-inches, the PowerBait Nessie presents a big profile bait, with PowerBait infused taste, which is able to be retrieved at various speeds and cadences due to the stabilizing fins that keep the bait running consistent at all times. With a mesh reinforced joint and hook retention clip, the bait’s durability and efficiency are never in question when anglers are looking to catch a fish of a lifetime.

Allowing anglers of all skills to fish it with ease, the Powerbait Nessie unlocks an entirely new and unique use of a glide bait for avid and experienced anglers. In addition, the PowerBait Nessie comes in several custom painted finishes to match any forage profile, showing fish a carbon copy of the real thing. Paired with a sticky sharp Fusion19 treble hook, anglers now have the ultimate bait to catch the fish of a lifetime.


Soft-bodied glide bait design featuring Berkley’s famous PowerBait flavor
Mesh reinforced joint provides durability while allowing for free range of motion
Stabilizing fins for consistent action
Hook retention clip keeps treble hook secured to the body – suited for keeping the hook in place when skipping under cover
Premium features and components for ultimate performance and durability
Sticky sharp Fusion19 treble hook
Custom painted forage matching finishes
Slow sinking
Designed in the Berkley Lab with Berkley pro Mike Iaconelli

“This bait has taken an entire team effort for the past three years, making the action and componentry perfect to bring the Nessie to life.” said Berkley’s Associate Category Manager of Bass Bait, Nathan Ragsdale. “We’ve entered a challenging but thriving big bait market with a bait that provides avid anglers and big bait fishermen with yet another tool to present to fish that never have seen such a presence under docks, overhanging trees, and more. We’ve released an improved fish-catching, PowerBait taste infused design to anglers who desire a big profile bait that is easy to fish and has a friendly price tag. We are extremely proud of this bait and its introduction to the lineup of Berkley’s fish-catching toolbox.”

Sizes: 5-inch • 7-inch • 9-inch
Colors: Golden Shiner • Hitch • Perch • Hickory Shad • Rainbow Trout • Shad • Voltage • Burnt Bone • Raw • Green Pumpkin

MSRP: $7.99 – 5-inch • $9.99 – 7-inch • $12.99 – 9-inch
Available: September 2023

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