COLUMBIA, S.C. – Adding to their already stellar lineup of award-winning soft plastics, Berkley’s newest PowerBait soft plastic, the PowerStinger, is sure to quickly become a favorite straight tailed minnow-style bladed jig trailer thanks its unique design.

Featuring new, patent pending “honeycomb” technology, the PowerBait PowerStinger offers additional swimming action when paired with a bladed jig that triggers fish to bite. The PowerStinger has a thick baitfish profile and a dense head that is durable and prevents tearing. A perfect match with the new Berkley Slobberknocker, the PowerBait PowerStinger is available in both 3.5-inch and 4.25-inch, with 12 standard colors and 4 HD colors to match any hatch.

Key Features

Patent Pending “Honeycomb” technology offers durability and additional swimming action
Purpose built for use with bladed jigs
Thick baitfish profile
Back and belly slots for accommodating a variety of rigging styles
Available in 3.5-inch and 4.25-inch
12 Standard and 4 HD Tru colors to match any hatch or application

MSRP: 3.5-inch & 4.25-inch – $8.99 • 3.5-inch and 4.25-inch HD Tru Colors – $9.99

Available: September 2022

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