Best Fly Tying Vise [Buyer’s Guide]

Last Updated: 01/06/2021

Fly tying is an easy routine that serious fly fishermen need to employ during their fishing routines. However, it can be quite tricky if you settle for an average fly tying vise. Choosing the best fly tying vise depends on your level of experience and budget.

In this review, we have prepared an in-depth analysis of the top fly tying vises used by experts. Let’s get started.

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College choice

Atlas Rotary Fly Tying Vise

  • Rotarty Vise
  • 6 lbs

best choice

Regal Medallion Fly Tying Vise

  • Pocket Base
  • 6 lbs

max options

Peak Rotary Base Fly Tying

  • C-Clamp
  • 6 lbs

simple designs

Regal Travel Fly Tying Vise

  • Pedestal Base
  • 3 lbs

high ratings

Griffin: Montana Pro II Vise

  • Pedestal Base
  • 4 lbs

ease of use

Peak Rotary Fly Tying Vise

  • Pedestal Base
  • 4 lbs

budget option

Griffin: Montana Pro II Vise

  • Non-Rotary
  • 5 lbs

Fly Tying Vise Reviews

Regal Medallion features traditional jaws with a pocket base style for stability. You will fit it on any flat working surface and tie the fly comfortably.

It adopts the pinnacle of vise technology when you quickly open the jaws, insert your 22 to 1/0 hook sizes, then tie. Besides, it is straightforward to switch from a tiny midge to a huge streamer hook without adjusting.

Just like other Medallion Vises, this type revolves through a 360° axis and articulates 220° up and down. This feature allows you to spin it around and view all sides of the fly.

If you are set for top quality and functional fly tying vise, this could come in handy.


  • The pocket base adds stability for your flat top stations
  • Accommodates a variety of hooks from sizes 22 to 1/0
  • Revolves through 360° to view all sides of the fly
  • Simple to fit the hook without adjusting it


  • It is expensive but worth the investment
  • You will need the knowledge to use it

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Peak Rotary is designed for fishermen who care less about aesthetic value. It is a rotary type that accommodates 30+ hooks so you can try out all your hooks and enjoy the variety of fishing styles.

Additionally, the jaws hold hooks as big as 2/0. This explains why you benefit more at your versatile fishing tasks with this vise package. Unlike other competitors, this tying vise has both the pedestal and c-clamp bases. 

This is good for you if you work from different surfaces. If you have a flat surface, then the pedestal base will work well, but if your surface is round on the edges, you can choose the c-clamp base.

The unit boasts of brass and stainless steel construction, which makes lubrication easy for durability. However, you will get the plastic thumb screws, which still work well. If you value the brass screws, then get them as replacements.

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If you want to use the c-clamp base fly tying vise, then nothing beats Peak. Other than the affordable cost, you will still admire the durable construction to run you for ages.


  • The vice is easy to lubricate for long term use
  • Choose either the pedestal or C-clamp variant
  • Very stable base for safe and secure use
  • Accommodates different sizes of hooks for a versatile use


  • We didn’t like the plastic screws even though you can replace them with the brass screws
  • You will need some time to put them together

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3 | Regal Travel Fly Tying Vise 

  • Base Type: Pedestal Base
  • Weight: 3 lbs

Regal Travel is another unit with a simple design for easy use. It is perfect for all levels, and due to the fewer accessories, it takes less minutes to set up than the other Regal types.

This type features an aluminum Pedestal Base. This is vital if you are working on flat surfaces such as boats, tables, and metal boards. It sits stable, allowing you to tie the fly uninterruptedly.

It is also simple to use where you open the jaws and insert the hook. Besides, it accommodates various hook sizes to give you the advantage of using more hooks on the same vice. 

Unlike other competitors that require adjustment, this one switches smoothly from tiny midge to a huge streamer hook without adjusting. You will therefore tie your fly quicker and embark on fly fishing earlier.

Like other Medallion vises, this one also revolves around a 360° axis and articulates 220 up and down. It allows you to view the fly from all sides for accuracy while tying.

Other than the rotating feature, you will still love the durability of this metals unit. It means a lot when we focus on stability and safety when in use.

This vice is among the few with durable features but still affordable.


  • Compatible with a variety of hooks for easy tying
  • Simple to set up and use, saving time
  • Has a pedestal base to keep it stable while in use
  • Doesn’t require adjustments while hooking


  • The base is too little and sometimes unstable.
  • The vise neck poops lose, so tighten it often.

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4 | Atlas Rotary Fly Tying Vise

  • Base Type: Rotarty Vise
  • Weight: 6 lbs

Atlas is a full rotary vise that ties the flies quicker than the competitors. This feature also allows you to view your fly from both sides without moving around.

The Atlas jaw is easy to adjust and holds even the smallest hooks. Mostly, the 7/0 to 32 hook range will work with this vise. You will find it suitable if you are set to work with different hooks for a wide fly fishing trip.

I liked the idea that this tying vise comprises both the C-clamp and a pedestal base. You can quickly put it on top of the working surface or clamp it on the side of the table for stability as you tie the fly. 

Furthermore, you will love the extended finger pin on this unit. It makes spinning the jaws effortless. Finally, to get the same pressure you require, simply crank down on the friction knob that easily adjusts the tension.


  • The stainless steel construction makes it durable and safe for use
  • Uses the 360° tying technique for comfortable viewing
  • Uses both the pedestal and c-clamp
  • Adjustable jaws to accommodate different sizes of hooks


  • Not effective on huge hooks
  • Requires time to set it up for use

CHECK CURRENT PRICE: Atlas Rotary Fly Tying Vise

Wolff Industries Apex is a suitable unit if you want something that produces enough friction for a remarkable performance.

It has the spot on rotation and accommodates different sizes of hooks from size 6/0 to 32.

Above that, it holds the groves jointly using the jaws so that the vise can accommodate larger hooks.

The vise also comes from steel construction, so worry little about rusting and be ready to use it for an extended period without replacement.

The inline rotary feature makes it easy to view the fly from all sides. This makes it possible to fit the fly correctly and faster.

This tool also has a stable pedestal base, so be sure to enjoy tying the vise on stable ground. This is safe and also makes the tying quicker. 

Unlike the standard vices that come with limited warranties, this one has a lifetime warranty. You can purchase it with confidence.

If you are set on an excellent quality vise without breaking your bank, then this one would be ideal.


  • Produces enough friction for outstanding performance
  • Accommodates different sizes of hooks for reliability
  • Side to side inspection is simple with this vise
  • Easily adjustable to accommodate your hooks


  • Sometimes the bolts and screws loosen easily
  • Huge hooks are likely not to work well with this vise

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Peak Rotary Vise is durable thanks to the combination of stainless steel, brass, tool steel, and aircraft aluminum during the construction.

It features Hardened and tempered tool steel jaws to hold your hooks securely. The jaws accommodate hooks from size 2/0 down to the smallest types.

Another notable feature is the large stable pedestal base. It hooks the vise to your specific location without leaving markings. This ensures your process runs smoothly without instances of toppling and falling.

The base is steel coated. This ensures you have a durable surface for long-term use. Besides, the base has an integrated hook and rounded edges for easy removal. The two accessory-post-mounting holes are also available to insecure the vice easily on the surface.

If you are set for a steadfast vise, then trying out this model would be beneficial. Even though the smallest hooks will struggle on this vise, you still have the advantage of adjusting it to meet your requirements.


  • Durable construction that encompasses a variety of metals
  • Has a stable pedestal base for secure mounting
  • Come with easily adjustable jaws to accommodate different sizes of hooks
  • The base has an integrated hook to remove it easily


  • It isn’t easy to disassemble for maintenance
  • Smaller hooks at time s do not hold securely

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7 | Griffin: Montana Pro II Vise

  • Base Type: Non-Rotary
  • Weight: 5 lbs

Griffin Montana Pro II Vise is an excellent choice if you want something useful in exchange for your hard-earned money. It is well made to function accurately while tying the flies.

It accommodates flies up to size 2/0, which is precise if you own a variety of hooks.

The vise is also small and compact. This means that both storage and portability are easy. Therefore, you can carry it to your preferred site and explore its uniqueness.

The non-rotary unit has a stable base. This enables you to use it without the worry of falling or erratic movement. Besides, you get a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer.

Finally, this vise is easy to set up and disassemble for use. It will be the right choice if you are a beginner or probably on a budget. 


  • A budget option unit for you
  • Durable construction for exceptional performance
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty
  • Accommodates different types of fly sizes


  • Non-rotary type limits usage
  • Doesn’t hold your hook tightly

CHECK CURRENT PRICE: Griffin: Montana Pro II Vise

How to Choose the Best Fly Tying Vise

When you are set for your location fishing, you need a reliable fly tying vise. We have compiled a list of the things you need to look for in the section below.

Assessing the durability

Most fly tying vises come from quality metal, including steel, aluminum, and brass. This explains why they are resistant to rust and lightweight. In rare cases, you will find knobs made from plastic. These are often cheap and not recommended. However, if you find a replaceable plastic section, you can buy the replaceable part separately.

Most vices with ball bearing and other rotating features will include brass. This is because it is easy to lubricate or grease it.

Getting to know the Rotary vs. Non-rotary Vises

Rotary vices are pricier due to the complex features that come with the vise. The rotary types have a 360° tying flexibility with an all side angle inspection. This is why experienced anglers prefer them.

On the flip side, the non-rotary vises are simple, both assembling and operating, and cannot execute complicated tying. 

The non-rotary are cost-effective and perfect for beginners. If you are on a budget but still want something to keep you going, get the non-rotary vice.

Choosing The Type Of Base

The two main types of bases include the C-clump and the Pedestal base. The C-clamp grabs the side of the working table or station. It is lighter and portable, which makes it precise for beginners or travelers who value fishing remotely. 

The pedestal base is a heavy-duty type that requires a flat surface for tying the vise. It is also portable since it detaches from the main stem of the vice. 

The advantage with the pedestal base is that when you cut materials during the vice tying, they drop on the surface for easy cleaning. Unlike the C-clump, the cut materials fall on your lap or the ground.

The two bases are equally important and choosing the one that favors your surface is crucial. Note that most vises come with detachable bases so you can decide to change the base to suit your working station demands.

The Jaws/ Adjustability For Hooking

Another essential feature is the jaw. Before you purchase the vise, try to find out what size of hooks your selected vice accommodates. We have fixed and interchangeable jaws. The stationary jaw has a limitation on the things you can do with the vise, so it is suitable for beginners.

The interchangeable type grants you the freedom to tie more hooks in different sizes. This is ideal if you have started gaining some experience, and you want to tie more flies. The inside of the jaws is either smooth, textured, or flat. 

Depending on how you want your hook to stay stable in the jaw, you will pick from various jaw surfaces. In most cases, the textured jaws are found on the expensive vices. 

Overall, the adjustable jaws cost expensive and precise if you want to spend on a quality vice. However, if you are set to save money, then go for the fixed as it performs reasonably well.

Brand and Manufacturer’s Warranty

The brand is vital when you want to purchase your vise. Popular brands like Regal, Peak, and Atlas, among others, will have the best features to help you tie the fly comfortably. Additionally, the customer care support is prompt, and in most cases, you will find them 24/7 at your service.

Warranty is also crucial since it protects your purchase. Manufacturers provided limited and unlimited warranties. Find out details about the warranty and whether it shields you from various damages, including repair, and if the spares are available.

In our recommendations, you will find Wolff Industries Apex Rotary Fly Tying Vise and Griffin Montana vices with a lifetime warranty.


Who Makes The Best Fly Tying Vise?

One thing about fly tying vises is that they come with different features to meet your needs. Manufacturers consider the features that ease the user’s requirements. 

Therefore, the quality of your pick explains the value you get when you buy the product. In our list, we have the heavy-duty types and light types with varied uses.

Regal has been very consistent in manufacturing the fly tying vises. Besides, Peak Rotary is also another brand you can rely on for excellent results.

What Is A Fly Tying Vise?

If you’ve tried fly fishing, then this fly tying vise is a familiar term. This is a tool used to put together your hooks for easy fishing. It comes in different designs to meet your fly fishing needs.

How Do You Use A Fly Tying Vise?

It is easy to use a fly tying vise depending on the type you are using. First, put the hook in the vise and secure it well. Check on your two adjustments on the vise. 

One is at the front and adjusts the width while the back one cranks it down to hold the hook.

Ensure you tighten the hook on your vise to prevent movement as you put the cranking material on it.

Are Accessories A Big Concern When Buying The Fly Tying Vise?

No, additional accessories should not worry you. Sometimes, the accessories accompanying the vise are low quality and require immediate replacement. On the market, we have affordable accessories that you can buy and see the quality instantly.

Final Thoughts 

In our analysis, all the fly tying vises reviewed will meet and even exceed your expectations. However, Regal Medallion Fly Tying Vise, Pocket base, stood out.

When compared to the other vises, this unit features adjustable jaws to accommodate different sizes of hooks. Additionally, it revolves through a 360° axis and articulates 220° up and down for easy fitting and use. And finally, the type comes from quality metal for durability.

Our goal is to get you the best fly, tying vise with exceptional features at affordable prices. You can now pick one from the list and take your fly tying to a whole new level.

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