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The Gamakatsu Nano Alpha Series

Gamakatsu Nano Alpha technology raises the bar in what was previously unattainable in hook manufacturing. Nano Alpha represents a paradigm shift in hook performance with

Gamakatsu Worm 34R Hydroll

Designed by Japanese angler Mr. Takeru Tomimoto for use on Lake Biwa in Japan, the Worm 34R Hydroll is now available for the North American

New Gamakatsu JDM Jigs

Gamakatsu JDM King Cobra Jig The JDM King Cobra Jig is built around the Gamakatsu 60-degree Nano Alpha hook, which offers plenty of gap width

Gamakatsu Ceramic Braid Scissors

The 4.75” Ceramic Braid Scissors are a great option for the serious or casual angler. These compact scissors feature ceramic serrated blades that cut braided