Fly Fishing Gloves for Cold Weather

Last Updated: 01/19/21

Did you know that fly fishing gloves are very important while fishing? Most anglers would agree. Especially when it’s cold, you need to wear them to avoid risks that can cause damage to your hands.

Due to the high demand for these gloves, various types have emerged. To help you choose the best winter fly fishing gloves for cold weather, we have compiled some tips for you.

In this article, we will show you what you need to know to keep warm while fishing and give you a top list of the best fly fishing gloves for cold weather.

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Palmyth UV Protection Gloves

  • MythAirflow tech
  • UPF 50

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Fish Monkey UPF Guide Glove

  • Pre-Curved Fingers
  • UPF 50

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KastKing Sol Fishing Gloves

  • Poly-spandex
  • UPF 50

trusted brand

Berkley Fishing Gloves

  • Coated gloves
  • Not UPF Rated

best value

Pro Angler

  • Pre-Curved Fingers
  • Not UPF Rated

high ratings

Palmyth Fishing Gloves

  • Ergonomic leather
  • UPF 50

most comfort

Magreel Fishing Gloves

  • 3 Cut Finger Design
  • Not UPF Rated

Best Fly-Fishing Gloves for Cold Weather Reviews

1 | Fish Monkey UPF 50 Sun Protection Half Finger Guide Glove

  • Material Notes: Pre-Curved Fingers
  • UPF Rated: Yes (50)

Fish Monkey fingerless gloves are an excellent choice for a pair of gloves for cold weather fishing. The glove has a non-slip feature, which assures an accurate grip. 

With this, it is easy to fish in any circumstances. Its synthetic leather material provides durability. 

Thus, you will use them for many months without any complaint. The leather fabric does not tighten on your hands.

Another good thing is you can use them in both cold and hot weather conditions. With the UDF 50 Sun protection feature, you are guaranteed protection from the scorching sun. 

Its extended length is beneficial to ensure it fits you well. The gloves will be worth your money and you will have no regrets.

It is half fingered, which allows for a different kind of grip. 

Designed to fit the exact shape of the hand, it assures proper handling of the boat and rod. You will be amazed how your fly-fishing career will become better. 

Affordability is something I must also mention because of the pocket-friendly price.

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  • Available in different sizes to fit all groups of people
  • Last long due the strong synthetic leather material used
  • It is comfortable to use
  • It has no side effects on the hand


  • It is slightly expensive

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2 | KastKing Sol Armis Sun Gloves UPF50+ Fishing Gloves

  • Material Notes: Poly-spandex
  • UPF Rated: Yes (50)

These gloves are extra-long to ensure that no part of the hand is exposed. They fit well to the hand without needing to make any adjustments. This keeps you comfortable while you are working. 

The microfibers reduce wear and tear. It comes with a pull tab that helps you to pull them on or off. 

There are many colors to choose from that offer a wide variety of options for your preference.

The tough and strong synthetic allows for long-term use. You don’t have to worry about fishing in the cold, because they will  keep your hands warm. 

This is boosted by the strong insulation layer. 

With this you will be prepared for the winter. When it is hot, the glove will also be efficient to avoid burn from the scorching sun. You will fish safely all throughout the year. 

The glove has a breathable feature that allows the circulation of air. This will avoid wrinkles on the hand. 

It is neither tight nor loose, making it cling to your hands and create the perfect grip. The result will be perfect casts which will increase success.


  • It comes with convenient stocking foot
  • It comes in various sizes
  • Usable for fly-fishing in any weather conditions


  • Customers have complained of lacking some sizes

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3 | Berkley Fishing Gloves 

  • Material Notes: Coated gloves
  • UPF Rated: No

Berkley fishing gloves will help you safely handle fishing tools that most fly fishermen use. 

The textured grips are useful in ensuring 100% boat-management and rod-handling. 

The glove retains the warmth of the hand, even in the cold season. It is one of the best sets of gloves to keep your hands warm.

They are convenient for heavy-duty work due to the leather fabrics they are made from. Furthermore, each glove is flexible to the hand, making them comfortable to use. 

They are also beneficial in protecting the hand from hazards posed directly by the fish. Fish, like catfish, will not be a threat with their sharp fins. 

You will only need to wear them and the rest will be simple.

With full fingers, you can confidently cast longer without fear. It is amazing how they work well to grip slippery fish, because they are so comfortable. 

Many like them because, even with the numerous advantages, they are affordable.


  • Easy to wash and clean
  • Keeps hands warm & dry
  • Convenient for heavy-duty work
  • Secures the wrist from sun exposure
  • The glove is non-slip and grips perfectly


  • Complains when holding slippery fish

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4 | Pro Angler

  • Material Notes: Pre-Curved Fingers
  • UPF Rated: No

Pro Angler gloves are made with neoprene materials. 

Their construction makes them comfortable to use for winter fly fishing. They retain the heat on the hand keeping you warm at all times. 

The textured palm pair of gloves provides guaranteed grips which make sure you have accurate casts.

The pre-curved fingers that align properly, allow comfortable fit. Moreover, they come in different sizes and colors, allowing you to choose the set you want. 

Those slippery fish will not bring you down. You will be able to grip them perfectly and you will not be hurt. This will boost your confidence to fish more.

The challenges you experience in cold weather will be eliminated, and you will fish more. 

Having these gloves for winter in your tool kit will make you happy knowing you can fish at any time of the year. 

They are designed to be used for a variety of tasks. This will ensure that when the cold seasons end you can still use them for other purposes.


  • Good for cold weather conditions
  • Offers from protection from the scorching sun
  • They are 100% water-resistant
  • The gloves are pre-curved and easy to wear


  • They are slightly sloppy


5 | Palmyth UV Protection Fishing Fingerless Gloves

  • Material Notes: MythAirflow tech
  • UPF Rated: Yes (50)

These gloves have been well-designed by experts. The skilled personnel in charge of creating them have done a great job, and you will not regret purchasing them. 

The gloves do not tear easily thanks to the sturdy fabrics used. 

You will really enjoy the firmness of these gloves. They fit accurately to the hands, and will protect you from the sun with UV protection.

The glove fabrics are usually breathable much like Gore Tex types and these will ensure you stay cool all day. 

Palmyth ensures that the cold weather will not hinder you from fishing. With the insulation layer, your hands stay warm all the time while they keep the grip “feel like” for your fly line.

They are also water-proof to ensure that water does not penetrate through. These ensure you fish and cast accurately.

Its synthetic leather makes it durable and strong. Even when the fish tries to pierce the glove it does not wear easily. 

When handling slippery fish, you will see how amazing it is to grip the. Those sharp fins from the catfish will no longer be a bother. You will handle it easily without fear.

The wrist strap pull tabs also play a big role in ensuring you can wear and remove the gloves easily. These wrist straps are also sturdy to ensure they don’t tear when you pull the glove. 

The tabs are found in the wrist and at the fingertips. You will be amazed to use them. They come in up to 6 types to allow you to choose your preference.

These glacier gloves are our runner up choice to keep my hands warm with maximum control of your fly line. You hands can get cold fast as the cold temperatures settle in, which is why most fly fishermen need gloves like these to boost your angling experience.


  • They protect against burns from the sun
  • Excellent Price Point
  • Comes in different types to choose from
  • Are available in various sizes
  • They are durable & sturdy
  • Suited with enough padding to avoid blisters


  • Some users complain they are not waterproof

CHECK CURRENT PRICE: Palmyth UV Protection Fishing Fingerless Gloves

6 | Palmyth Stubby UV Fishing Gloves

  • Material Notes: Ergonomic leather
  • UPF Rated: Yes (50)

Palmyth Stubby UV gloves are one of the best types of fingerless gloves for winter. Coming in different sizes and colors, you will have the freedom to choose your best option. These gloves are also adaptable to cold and warm weather.

During the cold weather, they retain the heat inside, keeping you warm. When it comes to the warm weather they are effective in ensuring the sun doesn’t burn your hand.

The fabrics used are easy to dry, and will keep your hand dry. This feature is important and gives one freedom to use them a few minutes after washing them. 

Their sturdiness will ensure that you will not get injuries.

Manufacturers have designed them to have 4 stretch points. These assure you flexibility and comfort. Thus, you will cast accurately. 

The non-slip feature is also available, it helps to hold the fly-fishing rod and fish in a convenient way.


  • Perfect gloves for winter to keep my hands warm
  • It has a durable and long-lasting usage
  • These sun gloves protect you from sun burns
  • Quality gloves for winter to keep hands dry
  • Knot Tying is easy with no finger tips


  • Some users complained they get worn out easily

CHECK CURRENT PRICE: Palmyth Stubby UV Fishing Gloves

These gloves are made from polyester materials which are water repellent. These ensure that water does not penetrate to the hand especially when the water temperatures are cold.

Neoprene gloves are made out of neoprene materials to make them convenient for heavy-duty work. They are not breathable like Gore Tex, but do a good job of keeping dry.

The cold weather neoprene fishing gloves are also windproof which will help you avoid being cold. They are efficient gloves for winter fishing. 

They offer a perfect grip that will help you cast easier. Moreover, they can be used for a variety of purposes.

They are comfortable and feature a soft inner-surface that ensures you don’t get blisters. 

The glove has 3 cut fingers and 2 uncut. This helps in gripping purposes. Many experts find them easy to use because they are not one-sided on the fingers size.


  • Used for many activities
  • They are flexible
  • Makes it easy to grip your fly rod and fish
  • Offers durability
  • Knot tying can be done quickly with no finger tips


  • When washed with fabric softeners it gets damaged
  • Neoprene Gloves are not breathable like Gore Tex, but still perfect for cold weather fishing

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Should You Use Fly-Fishing Gloves When It’s Cold?

Yes, you should.

If you have ever been winter fly fishing, you probably know how it feels without gloves. Especially when it’s cold.

There can be many injuries; burns from the scorching sun, and freezing of hands that come due to uncovered hands. These all cause harm to your body.

Furthermore, cold weather is attributed to many infections, caused by exposing the body to cold things. Many anglers have complained that one of the biggest mistakes they have made is failing to wear gloves. 

This may seem to be a small thing but its consequences are numerous. The unfortunate thing is when all this happens. But there is a solution.

The simple solution is to use gloves at all times, especially when it’s cold, because prevention is better than cure. As you do, ensure they are quality and recommended fly-fishing gloves

How to Choose the Best Cold Weather Fly Fishing Gloves

Now that we have established you should always wear gloves, you’re probably wondering how to go about getting the best ones.

Don’t you worry. Let me teach you some tips on how to choose the best set. 

Remember, this is for cold weather conditions. With these tips, it will be simple.

How To Get The Best Winter Fly Fishing Gloves

  1. Ensure they are waterproof – A good fly-fishing glove should be waterproof. This helps to restrict the entry of water that can cause your hands to freeze.
  2. They should not be too tight -The best fly-fishing glove should neither be too tight nor too loose. Choosing such a glove will ensure the gloves fit well.  This makes it easy to hold the fly-fishing rod.
  3. Should be insulated – When it comes to insulation, this is a must for every glove. This is the ability of the glove to keep your hand swarm without losing heat.
  4. Be made from quality material – Check the material that has been used to manufacture the gloves. Then, choose one with quality material, preferably leather.
  5. Check and ensure they are light-When you check the weight,  make sure they are lightweight.  Most of them usually are.
  6. Should have well-covered layers – A good glove should be well-tailored with quality interior and exterior layers.

That is the simple way to choose the best fly-fishing gloves.

What Are the Benefits of Using the Gloves for Cold Weather?

Imagine how winter fly fishing and casting in cold weather would be if there were no gloves?

How would it be for an angler with freezing hands during winter? Many benefits come with gloves for winter fly fishing especially during cold arctic wind. 

First, they help insulate warmth so your hands don’t freeze. You understand how an instance of freezing hands can make you drop the fly-fishing rod.  

This is what the gloves will avoid. You will keep warm and be more productive like any other day. 

Gloves are beneficial to boost your energy during the cold and winter seasons. Most fishermen tend to pause their activities when the cold season comes. 

But did you know that with gloves for cold weather, you will not need to halt your activities? If you have gloves you will be able to continue cold weather fishing with no fear.

Another benefit is, when you use gloves even the fingerless gloves, you can protect your hands from injuries.

Some types of fish have sharp fins. When you catch a fish, you need to get hold of it. If these fins are held with bare hands, they will cause great damage to the hand.

Thanks to gloves for cold weather, all these worries will be cancelled.

Some diseases are likely to occur around cold water during the chilly season. The gloves are of great benefit because these will be less likely to happen. 

You will cast and fish all season long without any problems.

Things to look for in Winter Fly Fishing Gloves

When you want to buy something, there are always expectations you want to be met.

These are the attributes that make the product you want different from others. These vary from design, to the comfort, and to size. All of these make you see the product differently. 

These considerations depend on the individual’s desire. But there are those which are generally ideal for anyone. 

We will look at what you should look for in cold weather gloves for anglers who love winter catches.


There is no way you can touch cold water and expect to feel warm. This is what happens when you don’t buy a waterproof pair of gloves.

A good glove should have waterproof features to ensure you feel warmth in your hands and fingers.


The main aim of gloves in cold weather is to keep you warm. This is why the insulation feature is important for a pair of gloves.

The material should not be a concern, provided the gloves retain warmth. Even in cold weather, well-insulated gloves do a good job of retaining warmth. 

Therefore, always look out on whether the pair of gloves you are buying is insulation. A bonus tip is to make sure you keep room to add a heat pack for extra warmth. We a fan of keeping a few heat packs ready to go in our gear.

Finger Design

Finger design is also something you need to look for in gloves. Fly-fishing gloves for cold weather can be half or full gloves.

The best design is one that does not favor the whole hand. This is because it allows proper handling of the fly-fishing rod. Ensure you keep this in mind when buying a pair.


Durable objects are bound to give many years of service. This assures effectiveness and the best quality for your cash. This is why you ought to look at the durability of the gloves.

I recommend you do some background research to know which are more durable. Then, double-check on the durability and ensure you are pleased with it.

Material & Good Grip

Construction material is another vital thing to look at.  There are many different materials which are used to make gloves.

This is good but not all of them are quality. There are some which are made of neoprene and latex material. They have been proven to be the best and offer maximum abrasion resistance. 

This is a two-in-one advantage because they also feature excellent grip.

The Best Way To Use Winter Fly fishing Gloves

Choosing the right gloves is one thing, but using them correctly is another. You cannot buy something quality only to end up using it the wrong way.

Sometimes this will happen, not because of ignorance, but from a  lack of understanding.

For example, you cannot buy expensive shoes only to use them while going to the farm.

Yes, it is possible, but that’s not the best way to use them. You should wear them on occasions that correspond to the shoes.

In our case, the gloves should be used in the best way possible. This will help to maximize usefulness and achieve good results. So how do you make the correct use of your gloves?

For one, you need to ensure you wear them correctly. Ensure the inside part is in and the outer part is on the outside. 

Don’t wear gloves inside out. Each side is designed to suit different purposes.

Use the gloves while they are clean. This will help avoid contaminating the fish you catch. 

As for cleaning the gloves, make sure you do that in the right way to avoid damaging the materials used to make it.

Dry your hands or wipe them with a clean dry towel, before wearing the gloves. Do this to prevent your hands from getting wrinkly. 

At the same time, ensure the gloves are also dry and clean. Make sure you move and fold your hands frequently to ensure the circulation of blood.

Do this and you will be sure you are using the gloves properly.

Safety Measures for using the Fly-Fishing Gloves

Fly-fishing gloves call for one to be careful using them. If not, they may cause harm to your hands. Here are safety measures that will be helpful:

  • Avoid wearing tight gloves to prevent wrinkles on your hands
  • Ensure the glove you wear has been certified
  • Do not wear gloves for long hours
  • Follow the manual guide correctly for how to clean the gloves to avoid damage
  • Don’t use the gloves for inapplicable purposes

Final Thoughts

Palmyth UV protection Fishing Fingerless Gloves stand out as the Fishing Expert Choice and a fan favorite. Compared to others these fingerless gloves offer quality services at an affordable cost while they keep your hands dry. 

The glove is the best when it comes to fly fishing in cold weather because it provides warmth, safety, it is non-slip and is easy to grip. 

Furthermore, unlike most of the other gloves, this one can be used for other purposes such as rowing. 

These gloves meet all the requirements to look for in gloves that we mentioned above. When you follow the tips on how to choose the best fly fishing, these gloves will be most suitable for use.

Further, they will help you get the benefits we discussed above and you will enjoy fly-fishing without being hurt. You will become a better angler, provided you use them correctly and adhere to the safety measures we discussed. 

We are a huge fan of these gloves for keeping angler fingers warm for winter fly fishing in cold weather.

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