Kennesaw, GA (July 20, 2022) The new SPRO® Speed Demon crankbait lives up to its name! Its computer chip lip design creates a tight hard action that generates an eye-catching flash and a distinct vibration that triggers a strike in hungry fish.

The Speed Demon is the brainchild of MLF Angler Dean Rojas. He wanted a crankbait for aggressively fishing intermediate depths, and the ⅜ oz, 55 mm long Speed Demon excels in these conditions. As intended, a fast retrieve generates the hardest action and covers a lot of water – perfect for finding hungry fish. Slowing the Speed Demon retrieve dampens its wobble slightly and is a better tactic for sluggish fish. This versatility makes the Speed demon an indispensable crankbait for serious anglers.

Top anglers like Rojas know the importance of matching the crankbait to the watercolor and light conditions. So, the Speed Demon is available in many colors and realistic patterns to cover all situations.

SPRO crankbaits include super sharp Gamakatsu hooks for a better hook up ratio and deeper penetration. Each Speed Demon 55 with Gamakatsu trebles is ready-to-fish right out of the package.

SPRO’s new Speed Demon is a dynamite crankbait covering lots of water and triggering a bite with its hard and fast action! Competitive and recreational anglers alike need this lure in their tackle box arsenal.

Speed Demon 55 Features:

Weight: ⅜ oz
Size: 55 mm
Hook: #5 Gamakatsu treble hooks
Depth: 3’-5’
MSRP: $13.99

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