Auburn, AL – The Logan Parks Fishing Foundation is excited to announce the inaugural High School/ College Chaos Tournament in Auburn, AL, taking place on November 12th, 2023. This tournament, run through the Fishing Chaos App and its software, will bring together high school and college anglers for a unique, competitive fishing experience on Lake Martin.

Teams consisting of two anglers, one high school angler and one college angler, will fish together on tournament day for over $25,000 in prizes. The college angler will serve as the boater and the high school angler will be the non-boater. The format will be every fish counts, catch, weigh, photo, release with a 0.75 pound minimum size for largemouth or spotted bass.

The tournament will feature a practice period from November 8-10th with nightly activities for the anglers, followed by Draft Day on November 11th where college anglers will select their high school partners. On tournament day, teams will compete in up to three separate rounds of competition. There will be a live leaderboard throughout the first two rounds for teams to monitor their standings. Round 1 will begin with the entire field fishing from safe daylight until 10 am central time. Once that time is up, 40% of the field will be eliminated from the tournament. In Round 2, the remaining 60% of the field will resume where they left off from 10:15 am until 1 pm. Once Round 2 has ended, another 40% of the field will be eliminated. The remaining 20% of the field will advance to Round 3, The Chaos Round. Weights will be zeroed and each team will start from scratch. The finalists will have a 2 hour shootout from 1:15 to 3:15 pm to determine a winner. The live leaderboard will also be disabled so that no one will know the score until they arrive back in Auburn for the weigh-in at 4:30pm.

“We’re excited to bring this innovative format to the high school and college bass fishing community,” said Logan Parks, founder of the Logan Parks Fishing Foundation. “It’s a unique way to truly test the skills of even the most experienced student anglers. We’re confident that this tournament will be a game-changer for the sport and create some unforgettable moments on the water.”

The Logan Parks Fishing Foundation aims to prepare young anglers for success, bridge the gap between high school and college programs, create a way for students to advance their education and fishing careers, and inspire them to protect and enjoy the great outdoors through a unique, competitive angling experience. With some of the largest payouts currently seen at high school and college tournament levels, student anglers will have the opportunity to better afford to advance their education and bass fishing experience.

“We are thrilled to be hosting the High School/ College Chaos Tournament in my hometown of Auburn, Alabama,” said Parks. “This tournament is not only a unique experience for young

anglers, but it also provides an opportunity for them to further their education and passion for bass fishing. We look forward to seeing the teams compete and grow as anglers.” Registration for the tournament will open Monday, June 19th to both High School and College anglers on a first come first serve basis and will be capped at 125 boats. There will also be special invites sent to certain anglers/teams, see rules for more details.

For more information on the High School/ College Chaos Tournament, please visit

“We at Fishing Chaos are excited to be a part of this unique tournament experience. With the next generation of anglers, it is important to ensure that fishing stays up to date with technology, and this tournament does just that. We are proud to be providing multiple parts of our technology stack to help make this event like this not only a success but a possibility. We look forward to seeing the anglers compete and create unforgettable moments on the water.”

About the Logan Parks Fishing Foundation

The Logan Parks Fishing Foundation is a non-profit organization founded by Bass Pro Shops US Open Champion, Logan Parks. It is dedicated to promoting the sport of bass fishing among young people and investing in student anglers who are the future of the sport. The foundation provides educational and recreational opportunities for high school and college students to learn about and participate in bass fishing, while also bridging the gap between high school and college programs to smoothen the transition for student anglers. Its mission is to create opportunities for students to better afford to advance their education and fishing careers. For inquiries on the LPFF or the HSCC Tournament reach out to us at [email protected].

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