San Antonio, TX (April 27, 2023) – Miller Dowling from number one ranked University of Montevallo earned the Garmin Tournament Rewards contingency bonus at the first ACA event of 2023 this past weekend.  Dowling and his partner Parker O’Bryan weighed in a two-day total of 37.92 pounds to finish in third at the Pickwick Slam presented by Evolution Fishing.  The Garmin Tournament Rewards contingency bonus was awarded to Dowling for being the highest-finishing Garmin user in the event.

“Man, it’s awesome!! I will always run a Garmin LiveScope because they are no doubt the best out there, and to be rewarded for using the best is just awesome,” explained Miller Dowling, University of Montevallo angler.

On Day 1 of tournament competition at the Pickwick Slam presented by Evolution Fishing, Dowling & O’Bryan weighed in five fish for 17.47 pounds.  During the final day of tournament competition on Sunday, the pair improved upon its Day 1 weight by close to five pounds as they weighed in 20.45 pounds.  Dowling credits Garmin LiveScope for helping them to have the success that they did throughout the event.

“We did use LiveScope during the tournament. We didn’t necessarily use it to target specific fish, but it was a big player for us this week,” Dowling continued.  “We mainly used our LiveScope looking for bait balls on top of the bars we were fishing because if there was no bait…there were no fish. Also to be able to position the boat in the right spot and sit just off of the drop off at all times. Without LiveScope we would not have had the success that we did.”

To find out more information about Garmin Tournament Rewards and learn how you too can cash in on this great tournament contingency, click here.

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