Make the most of every minute on the water with the incredible control of Helm Master EX. Helm Master EX is built on the success of our groundbreaking, original Helm Master boat control system. It expands upon the functionality, flexibility and compatibility of our original Helm Master system, for an exciting next generation of control.

The expanded functionality of Helm Master EX features:

More programmed fishing functions
True Autopilot with heading and course hold
In-mode joystick adjustability
More automated essential boat operations
Fully electric steering for digital outboards 2.8L F150 – F350 B and C (XF425 features built-in electric steering)

But expanded functionality isn’t the only news.
Now, Helm Master EX is available for a range of applications, from quint-engine offshore rigs to boats with single engines—an industry first. Not only is it available to more boaters, but it’s also available to more boats. Re-rig and repower your existing boat, or add it to a new boat package from an expanded roster of hundreds of participating boat builders. Finally, you can have your boat, your way with the expanded compatibility of Helm Master EX.

Available on new digital controlled outboards F150 and up.


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