SAN ANTONIO, TX (July 24, 2023) – Topwater baits are a great way to catch bass during the summer months when bass are feeding up on shad.  Both the early morning and late evening feeding windows provide ideal low light conditions to present a topwater bait to predatory bass.  At ICAST 2023 in Orlando, FL, SPRO introduced the all-new Walking Haint 125.  This is a great new walking bait that works well out in open water and around schooling fish.

“This is a topwater walking style bait, but it’s got a couple things that it actually does a little bit different,” said Kyle Welcher, SPRO Pro and Bassmaster Elite Series Angler.  “This bait, you can cast it extremely well.  A lot of times these fish come up schooling and they might be 120-150 feet away from you.  This thing…you can still cast it that far and imitate baitfish.”

The Walking Haint 125 is loaded with features to trigger topwater strikes. It easily walks back and forth with the slightest rod twitch and casts long distances to reach any boiling fish. The one-knocking feature is sure to bring the fish to the surface. Another added feature is that it has three round bend, black nickel Gamakatsu trebles for excellent hooking up ratios. The SPRO mean eye gives the Haint an edgy baitfish appearance.

Product Features:

Great Walking Action
13 Colors
Size: 125mm
Weight: 3/4oz
Depth: Top Water

“It’s got a really loud rattle to it.  I like that in a topwater bait,” noted Michael Neal, SPRO Pro and Bass Pro Tour Angler.  “For me, it draws a little bit of extra aggression from those fish, and they’re going to be able to come find it.”

The SPRO Walking Haint 125 comes standard with Gamakatsu treble hooks and is available in a variety of fish catching colors including shad and perch patterns.


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