COLUMBIA, S.C. – Expanding on their impressive line of Berkley Frittside crankbaits, Berkley announces the addition of a clicking version of its highly accomplished Frittside crankbait. The original Frittside has made quite the name for itself since its release and most recently helped Major League Fishing Pro Bobby Lane capture the 2022 MLF REDCREST title. In response to the years of success, Berkley decided to expand its line of select models of Frittside Crankbaits with a new version – the Berkley Clickin’ Frittside.

With a balsa-like action and enhanced clicking sound, the Clickin’ Frittside fills a gap in the lineup to further deliver results in stained and dirty water situations. The Frittside Crankbait features a FlashDisc and flat-sided body shape that mimics a variety of species and provides a balanced weighting system that makes for easier and more accurate casting. The Clickin’ Frittside showcases a singular ceramic ball to create a unique, low-pitch attention-grabbing clicking sound and is available in 10 colors chosen with an emphasis on stained and dirty water situations.

Key Features

Balsa-like action and enhanced clicking to attract fish in stained and dirty water
Addition of singular ceramic ball creating a low-pitched, clicking sound
Staple Frittside features a FlashDisc, flat-sided body, a weighted bill and Fusion19 hooks
10 colors with an emphasis on stained water options


Clickin’ Frittside 5 Junior – diving 2 to 5 feet
Clickin’ Frittside 5 – diving 2 to 5 feet
Clickin’ Frittside 5 Biggun’ – diving 2 to 5 feet
Clickin’ Frittside 7 – diving 5 to 7 feet
Clickin’ Frittside 9 – diving 7 to 10 feet

Colors: Special Red Craw • Black Chartreuse • Ghost Red Craw • Red Spring Craw • Ghost Morning Dawn • Firetail Green Craw • Blaze • Root Beer Craw • Midnight Pearl • Kentucky Blue

MSRP: $9.99

Available: July 2022

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