bass fishing at night in summer

Bass Fishing At Night In Summer

Fishing at night is such a wonderful adventure. This is especially during the summer season when fishing during the day is not advisable. When you fish at night there are numerous advantages.

There are few activities happening in the lake at night when the moon is present. During the summer, most bass will spend the dark hours feeding before sunrise. That is why it’s a perfect plan to learn bass fishing at night in summer.

Join me as we take a journey around the topic of bass fishing during the night. You will get a clear picture of fishing at night in the cool shallow waters during any moon phase.

Why Would You Want To Fish for Bass at Night

Why should I even fish at night? Why not just do it during the day?

I know these are questions crisscrossing your mind. To be sincere there are dozens of instances you will need to fish at night.

Apart from the different reasons that can cause you to fish at night, it is also a fun adventure. Are you still not convinced that fishing at night is a great thing?

Let me give you some reason why you will want to fish at night.

Increased Number of Bass

The summer season is characterized by reduced fish movement. This is because the fish prey cannot stand the sun. The bass fish also normalize for reduced activities.

During the night it’s when large schools of bass emerge to chase and ambush insects and worms. This means an increased probability to make a successful cast. Bass love cool waters.

Plenty of Harvest & Bait Options

Chances are that the bass will bite the bait easily when its dark. The summer season will be characterized by plenty of harvests.

bass fishing at night summer

The croaking sound of frogs attracts plenty of basses. In such a case frog bait will give you more harvest at night. Whether it’s the largemouth, smallmouth striped, or the white bass, they will jump on the bait after making few casts.

Reduced Competition at Night

In the darkness there are few angling activities for there are few people. This will mean reduced competition and increased fish concentration with is key to night fishing by the moon.

Most avid night anglers know that casting in such an atmosphere will mean there will be more chances of tricking the bass.

The quiet dark waters will give you an edge for night bass fishing.

Some Bass Only Show Up During Dark Hours

During the night it’s an exciting time to catch bronzebacks and bucketmouths. You will hardly find them during the day. If you are looking for this bass then fishing at night should be on top of your goals.

Emerging Time For Big Fish

The large bass is very heavy feeders and they will mostly feed when there is plenty. This includes feeding on smaller fish like the smallmouth bass.

This means when fish activities increase at night, this large bass also emerge to have a catch. That means more chances for you to get hold of a bass.

Nighttime Fishing Gear & Equipment Needed

Fishing at night calls for strict measures. This is because any slight mistake can result in errors. This is why the best thing is to be prepared. You do this by acquiring the right fishing gear and important equipment.

Having the right gear and types of lures will increase the number of fish caught. Having the right equipment also ensures safety & fun.

Here is a list of fishing gear & lure types you must have.

Florescent line & LED lights

The fluorescent lines are good for monitoring the bait and the fishing rod. These lines have a glowing feature when it’s dark. This will improve the level of accuracy because you can monitor the hook.

Ultraviolet light is also a great alternative to black lures. This is especially because it can be easily charged. LED Lights will work while moving inside the boat, or when choosing the lure to use.

bass fishing at night

Scented Baits & Live Baits

The night fishing activities require more advanced baits. Remember at night bass fish will use their smelling and hearing techniques to locate prey.

This means scented bait will work better than natural baits. We also want to get the fish’s attention. Live bait is good for making noise that distracts the fish.

These can be topwater frog baits, crankbaits, buzzbaits, and spinnerbaits. These lure choices work perfectly well.

More Sensitive Fishing Rods

A fishing rod is a very important fishing gear that can either help or distract you. This is depending on the choice you make. For the case of fishing at night then a more sensitive rod will work well.

Such fishing rods feature thin fishing lines and low stretches. When you visit the store ensure you check this.

Matching Baits

Getting matching baits is a good way to fish more at night. This will call for pre-assessments to get an idea of what food the bass like at night. A fresh bass will have remaining food particles.

You can use this to get an idea and size the bass was feeding on a few minutes before it was nested. Then match the color and size to the bait and help you to control the movements of lures.

For better results carry both baits for shallow and deep waters.

Fully Equipped Boat

A fully equipped boat is a must if you are going to fish deep in the lakes or sea. If you will be fishing in rivers, streams, or shores. This is not a must.

If you can’t afford a boat you can hire one from individuals. Then ensure it is in good condition. You might need to add features that will help you cast better.  For example, you may need to get lifesavers.


Having waders is an optional choice. But according to many anglers they attributed their angling success.

Having great waders will help in protecting you from the cold weather, and protect you from getting hurt when you hold the bass wrongly.

4 Catching Bass At Night Tips For Success

You want to be successful in fishing for bass in the night fishing trips. Then you will need to have great techniques to help you maximize the opportunities and results you get.

Here is a list of 4 easy to grasp tips that will ensure you are successful.

1. Slowdown Bait Presentation

Whether you are using jigs, crankbaits, or the topwater lures, you want to be slow in presenting them. The biggest night bass is not a great hunter in dark, though it has a great appetite.

This is why you need to slow down. You need to put yourself in the aspect of the fish, by slowing the bait and let it bite.

Basses are the most opportunistic feeders. They will bite anything that looks like food when it comes their way. Despite all this, they can detect danger at any time.

Make it easy for them not to think twice. Let them make a bite almost immediately.

Flipping the lures and plastic worms slowly is a plus to attract the fish’s attention.

2. Obtain the Weather Report

Weather is a great aspect that affects the fishing trends of bass. For example, water clarity is affected by weather patterns.  The good thing is that it’s the summer and the sky will be clear and maybe the presence of the bright moon.

It’s not a bad idea to check the weather patterns for the last one week. 

At the beginning and the end of the summer period, little showers can be experienced. This is a good opportunity for topwater angling. So you are likely to carry more frog baits.

In the normal summer season, you can use deep water baits.

3. Don’t Overfish At Night

Overfishing at night will mean you will need more fishing gear. Just carry with you enough gears to fish enough bass. Don’t let your experience cause you to think otherwise.

It is easy to be persuaded to continue fishing when the harvest is plenty. Then what next? Where will you be fishing in days and weeks to come like the winter season?

Fish and keep in mind you will come the next day.

4. Bring Safety Gears & Extra Tools

Ensure you carry along extra fishing gears to avoid embarrassment. Fishing bass is important but it’s not worth your life. You are important and you can’t endanger yourself.

If possible don’t be alone out there. If that’s not possible let someone aware you are out there. You will need to have an extra flashlight for night lighting, fish preserves and some life severs, etc.

Final Thoughts

Bass Fishing at night in summer is a good practice. It will enhance your fishing skills. Fishing at night is also a good practice to get those rare bass species.

Even though as highlighted above you need to have appropriate fishing gears. You must be prepared for any situation. When you do that you will enjoy every moment of your summer night fishing.

Related Questions

Will largemouth bass bite at night?

Yes, the large bass feed on anything that can fit their mouth. They will not hesitate to make a night. This is provided you present the bait slowly to them. Then wait and see how they will take a bite.

What month is best for bass fishing?

The best month for bass fishing is in October. During October there is a lot of movement by the bass. The weather in October is consistent and this gives an upper hand for more fishing.

how to fish bass at night in summer

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