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What is Bass Fishing?

Bass fishing is a method of angling fishing that uses several different methods to catch fish. Most bass fish are found in freshwater and brackish (mix of salt & fresh water).

Competitive bass fishing is revered by many fisherman. It has spawned competition & tournaments on the collegiate level.

Bass Fishing has evolved into development of many different types of fishing gear & some proven techniques.

Here at College Bass, our aim is to deliver the best information possible to help you fish.

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Fly fishing is a method of angling fishing that uses artificial lures to catch fish. It can be done in salt water and freshwater.

Some of the fish you can catch with fly fishing are steelhead, trout, salmon, & bass. Many different techniques are used for fly fishing depending on the different habitats.

Nothing is more serene than a tapered fly line wisping through the air, putting your hand-tied fly delicately onto the surface of the water while you wait for the take.

At, we’ll help you enjoy more of those moments!

What is Fly Fishing?

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