Torrance, CA – You can buy the most expensive line available, but without tying the proper knot that critical connection to the fish can easily be broken, no matter how expensive the line is.

With the advancement of new materials being used for fishing lines it has also created a need for anglers to use different knots for each of the different types of line.

Sunline has 10% of their employees located in the R&D department and those staff members spend every day testing lines and line performance including knots. The Sunline R&D team has conducted an extensive survey of which knots are the most effective with each type of line and that information is now available to ensure anglers are getting the best performance possible from the specific type of line they are using.

One knot in particular shows the best lab results when used with fluorocarbon.  The Tornado HH Knot has the highest strength relative to the lb test being used.  Read more about the testing and why the Tornado HH Knot is the best choice for fluorocarbon in this article.

Sunline has a full video series that show the specific steps to tie 18 of the most popular knots used for tying to lures or main line to leaders, including the “ultimate fluorocarbon knot” the Tornado HH Knot . Sunline partnered with a leading animation firm to create the best knot videos possible.  Often times knot videos can be difficult to follow as the line can be hard to see on a video. With these animations, you can quickly follow the videos step by step to learn and replicate the top knots. See all the videos at

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