best fly fishing reel case

Best Fly Fishing Reel Case

Last Updated: 02/16/21

Fly fishing reel case are vital for protecting your fishing reels from damage. This enhances their effectiveness and durability.

There are many fishing reel case brands available in the fishing industry market. But, not all cases work properly. To get the right one you will need to do some evaluations, and wisely choose the best fly fishing reel case.

I compiled this guide for you to understand how to choose a perfect case. As a bonus, I will list the best fly fishing reel bags that will work.

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College choice

BW Sports Fishing Reel Case

  • 10 reels

best choice

Plano Molding Guide Series Reel Locker

  • 12 Reels

sold option

Fishpond Ripple Reel Case

  • 4 Reels

high ratings

Allen Spring Creek Fishing Reel & Gear Bag, Olive

  • 10 Reels

trusted brand

Orvis Safe Passage Reel Cases, Large

  • 1 Reel

simple design

CAPACI Fishing Reel Bag Protective Cover Baitcasting Trolling Spinning Fishing Reel Case

  • 2 Reels

budget option

Lixada Fishing Reel Cover Reel Protective Case

  • 1 Reel

Review of Best Fly Fishing Reel Case Products

The BW Sports Case is designed to provide plenty of storage. You can store up to 10 reels. The plenty of extra pockets will wow your experience. You will have plenty of space to store your hooks, leaders, lines and other fishing pieces.

Its exterior is covered with padded protection on all sides. This is to ensure your equipment inside will not break. It features the use of 600 rugged fabrics to make the exterior, this offers you a convenient traveling experience.

For your saltwater fishing activities, the nylon feature will ensure the case and its content are intact. The case is also easy to zip. When you are in the boat and you don’t want your items to scatter anywhere. You just zip the case.

This is the perfect case you have been looking for. It is convenient for storing fly fishing reels of varying sizes.  When using the spinning reel you will also not need to buy another case.  This BW Sports will still work.


  • The case can accommodate nearly all fishing equipment for any trip
  • You can use the case for both saltwater and freshwater fishing
  • The bag can be expanded to accommodate more fishing accessories
  • This fitting size is convenient for carrying around
  • The price of the case is reasonable and pocket-friendly


  • The reel case works perfectly, only that placing sharp items like hooks can tear the casing

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This is a nice case that will protect your reels. It is equipped with a nice zipper to cover your reels. With this, you will be assured your reels are safe in the case.

The good thing with this case is that you can also carry hooks, lines, and leaders.

An amazing experience is awaiting you with the multiple pockets included. These rugged pockets offer some more space. Numbers never lie and this is evident spacing for 12 reels. The rubberized feet are used to guard the material against vibration.

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This is regardless of where the reels are stored

It features a great gripping power that will not slip off your hands. Then the interior interlocking foam adds another protective layer. This is convenient to protect your fishing gears, and you will have nothing to fear.


  • It is well built to store more reels
  • The compact design makes it convenient for traveling
  • With the sturdy materials used the reels will be secure
  • It includes an additional protective layer to reels form damage


  • This case is a premium investment

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This is another suitable reel case that is made with quality nylon materials, which prevents water leakage. The cyclepond fabric used ensures the material last longer. The case is not only for use with fly fishing reels but also for other fishing tools.

The fly fishing reel case comes with additional zippered pockets, to ensure you have adequate space. To better things, it is coated on all dimensions and is easy to organize the fishing gears.

Then don’t allow those sharp hooks to pose danger to you. Use this case to carry them around without worrying.

If you are an angler who likes traveling to explore new fishing grounds. The bag will be a good one for you with the signature rope carry handle. It will help you carry the case with ease.


  • Offers ample spacing that can case can accommodate four reels
  • The case is convenient to keep the reels organized
  • You can use the bag to store other fishing tools
  • It is designed with a sturdy layer to assure the safety of the components


  • The case is quite smaller than the other cases available

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This is one of the best bags that will give you a perfect solution for your storage solutions. You will keep your reels secure and also have additional space for hooks and lines. The bag offers ample spacing that can accommodate 10 fly reels.

You can also use it for up to 6 spinning reels.

The bag has a great formulation to ensure when fully packed, you will carry it around with no shortcoming. If you are an angler that loves to tour new fishing territories.

This bags is for you. It will ease your transportation of all your fishing gears.

Heavy-duty zippers are included to help you secure the bag. I like it even more because of the </shoulder strap which allows you to carry the bag around. There is an adjustable shoulder strap that will help you carry the bag in any position.


  • This fly fishing case is available in many designs to choose from
  • It is easy to carry the bag around without any shortcomings
  • Works very well for all seasons and weather conditions
  • It is water-resistant to avoid damaging the items inside


  • It is made with great quality but cannot accommodate the large fishing reels

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The Orvis Safe Passage Reel Cases are made from quality materials. This makes it last longer. I also like its compact size design. This construction ensures you utilize the least space when you are storing.

If you want to organize fishing gear in your boat. Then this fly fishing reel will be a good choice. You don’t have to carry large bags while going for a small fishing trip e.g. fishing trout in the streams.

you need is this case to carry your small reel and a few gears.

The reel case cover is made with a great cover that assures safety handling. Unlike in most fishing bags that get pierced by the hooks.

This one is very sturdy and you will not worry about those fragile reels you want to carry.


  • The case can withstand the hostility of saltwater
  • It’s easy to carry the case as you tour different fishing areas
  • The case lasts long and does not wear out
  • You get an advantage to use this casing in all seasons even the harsh winter


  • It is not convenient for the large fly reels

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6 | CAPACI Fishing Reel Bag Protective Cover Baitcasting

  • Capacity: 2 Reels

This bag from the CAPACI Company will serve you in a great deal. With the three sizes available to choose from. You will be pleased to get the sizing that suits you. These sizes are comprised of small, medium, and large ones.

No matter what your preference is you will find your choice.

The Velcro strips included will benefit you in offering easy storage and portability. Whether you are carrying the left or the right-hand reels. The bag will fit both.

Imagine you will not have to buy another bag when using the different reels available.

Isn’t that awesome?

It uses neoprene material, which is known to make many quality fishing accessories brands. The material is good or long-lasting service. It has great comfort, which is easy to carry.


  • It is good for both right and left-hand reels
  • It has shock absorptions feature that protect the reels or scratches
  • The case also works for other brands of reels (spinning, bait casting reels)
  • When you are traveling you will comfortably carry it around


  • You need to choose the sizes carefully to avoid oversizing or under-sizing

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Protect all your fly fishing reels from damage with this case. It is made with quality materials to offer great performance. Whether it’s the winter or the summer season, the case will still work well.

Lixada has made it convenient for carrying your small fishing gears.

The exterior is covered with water-resistant nylon, to protect the contents from spoils. To make matters better the inside padding is made with EVA padding that is friendly to the reels.

You will be happier to know you can use it with different reel brands.

It comes at a reasonable price, compared to the value it will offer. If you are worried about ventilation. Then stop worrying because the ventilation spaces are included at the bottom. This is good to avoid that fishy smell.


  • It is fitted with ventilation holes for proper air circulation
  • The bag can also carry a rafting reel
  • The bag so no limit on the fishing gears you want to carry
  • It is small and, thus, you can carry it around


  • It is not convenient for carrying the large sizes of reels

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How to Choose the Best Fly Fishing Reel Case

Knowing how to choose a fly fishing reel case is easy. But, this is only if you have the right information for what you are looking for.

Otherwise, you will buy reel cases to realize later they were fake.

You can use some factors to choose the best fly fishing reel case. Your personal preference should come first.

Here are some things to help you choose the best reel bag.

Match The Case With The Reel Size

To avoid disappointments of losing your money, ensure you choose the right case size. You can determine the correct size, by referring to the size of your reel. If you are using a small reel it will mean a smaller reel is the best.

I always recommend you to go for the large cases to accommodate all sizes.

fly fishing reel case full review

Check for Additional Features

A good case will come with additional features. Some features are not important. They will be good to ensure you get premium services.

You can check for attributes like ventilation holes, strips, and zippers. This will give you more services and efficiency.

Number of pockets

To accommodate more fishing gears within the case. The ultimate goal should be to look for a bag with more pockets. Many pockets will offer ample spacing and specialized pockets for different items.

When looking at these pockets, don’t forget to check the size.

Types Of Reels It Fits

There are two major types of reels. There is the right-hand reel or the left-hand reel. When you come to the market you will notice some fishing cases are designed for either one of the two. You should check the one made for your reel.

With technology advancements, some work for both types. I recommend you look for such cases.

Material Construction

The basics here are the same as those you will find in other fishing gears. That is to choose a case that is made with durable and friendly materials.

There are many good materials you can choose like neoprene and nylon. The good thing is that they are available at different price points.

fly fishing best reel case

Benefits Of Having A Reel Case

Having a reel case can seem to be a choice for anglers. I will say it is a choice but in most cases, you cannot do without it. This is because of the numerous benefits the case offers. It makes your fishing career to be interesting.

Some of the benefits you will get include.

  • The reel case increases the reel’s durability and also avoids them from getting scratches
  • A casing is good to avoid contact with sharp fishing gears
  • The fishing bags ease transportation thus, cheaper transport price
  • Cases are very convenient to avoid the effects of water
  • A reel case serves a great deal when an angler is going on long fishing trips.

Final Thoughts

Having a reel case is like having a laptop and a laptop bag. You cannot say you protecting your fishing gears and you don’t have a case. You can choose to form the above case the one which will work for you.

We recommend the BW Sports Fishing Reel Case. This case is made with quality materials, offers large storage space, and is also water-resistant.

Using it will yield more results and its worth the price.

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