SAN ANTONIO, TX (April 22, 2024) – Last weekend, the Association of Collegiate Anglers contested the Hartwell Slam on Lake Hartwell in Anderson, SC.  The first event of 2024 on the Bass Pro Shops Collegiate Bass Fishing Series paid out over $20,000 in prizes and contingencies.  One of those many contingencies awarded was Garmin Tournament Rewards.

New for this year, Garmin Tournament Rewards pays out two different contingencies: Mounted Equipment Reward, and Force Reward.  The Mounted Equipment Reward awards $300 to the top placing angler who competes from a boat equipped exclusively with mounted Garmin marine electronics.  For the Force Reward, a reward of $200 is given to the top placing angler at the event with a Garmin Force Trolling Motor installed.

Caden Pearson from Top 25 ranked Wabash Valley College claimed both Garmin Tournament Rewards, for an additional payout of $500.  Pearson’s boat was outfitted exclusively with Garmin electronics, as well as a Garmin Force Trolling Motor.

Competing at the Hartwell Slam with Nathan Kallstrand, Pearson and his WVC teammate finished in 8th overall out of the 220 boat field with a two-day total weight of 31.09 pounds.

Garmin Tournament Rewards is a premier contingency program that is available to qualified anglers at all ACA events. Find out more details here.

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