SAN ANTONIO, TX (July 27, 2023) – For many college anglers, their passion for fishing started as a young child.  Whether that be fishing for perch with a bobber and worm in a pond or going out onto a lake in a boat to target fish on bigger water.

“I grew up fishing.  Both sides of my family, everyone there fished,” said Reece Martin, DBU angler and Evolution Outdoor employee.  “My grandparents on my dad’s side, they live on a lake.  So, it was just something I always did.  I just grew up fishing on the dock, then got into high school and started tournament fishing.”

Fishing competitively in high school, Martin won a major high school state championship in Texas in 2018.  That major victory fueled his passion to continue to pursue competitive bass fishing at the next level.  Martin chose to become a member of the bass fishing team at perennial Top 25 national powerhouse Dallas Baptist University.

Reece Martin joined the Dallas Baptist University Bass Fishing Team as a freshman during the fall of 2019.  Martin found success at the college level, competing in a variety of national events across all three major trails.  The time that he spent out on the water and on the road created memories and valuable experiences that he would not trade for anything.

“I felt like every tournament I went to, I was just learning so much,” explained Martin.  “I really wanted to be able to travel with good friends, take up every memory I could…catch some good fish along the way, and that’s everything you can ask for in college fishing.”

Reece Martin is set to graduate from Dallas Baptist University later this summer.  While he has always had the dream of fishing professionally, Martin has opted to turn his passion for fishing into a career in the fishing industry.  Martin recently accepted a position, and is currently working, with Evolution Outdoor/Evolution Fishing.

Evolution Fishing is a series partner with the Association of Collegiate Anglers.  ACA staff had the opportunity to meet with Reece and Evolution Fishing in their booth as ICAST 2023 in Orlando, FL just a few weeks ago.  Martin expressed his excitement to work in the industry, and how awesome it was to see his career come full circle.

“It’s everything I’ve always wanted.  Making that transition from high school, to college, and now having a full-time job is just so awesome,” added Martin.  “Everyone here shares that love for the outdoors and fishing.  It just feels right at home for me.”

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