SAN ANTONIO, TX (AUGUST 31, 2023) – Tournament contingencies are programs designed to reward anglers for running a specific brand’s product and finishing well in sanctioned events.  Bass Pro Shops and the White River Marine Group operate three top-level contingency programs for these boat brands: Ranger, Nitro, and Triton.  Qualified anglers participating on the Bass Pro Shops Collegiate Bass Fishing Series have the chance to earn up to an extra $8,000 at each event.

“The tournament contingency programs offered to anglers running White River Marine Group boats are top-notch,” said Wade Middleton, ACA Director and President of CarecoTV.  “Bass Pro Shops is dedicated to rewarding anglers for running their products and doing well in events.  For a college angler to participate in a no-entry-fee tournament and have the opportunity to earn thousands of dollars in contingency bonuses…that’s extremely valuable to them!”

College Anglers competing on the Bass Pro Shops Collegiate Bass Fishing Series will again have the opportunity to cash in on tournament contingency bonuses offered by the White River Marine Group.  The contingency programs available to these top anglers will be Nitro Rewards, Ranger Cup, and Triton Gold.  Qualified anglers will have the chance to take home up to $8,000 in either of these three contingency bonuses, based upon their eligibility and finish in the final standings.

Here are the four major events on the 2023-24 Bass Pro Shops Collegiate Bass Fishing Series:

Bass Pro Shops Big Bass Bash presented by Berkley – Kentucky Lake -September 23-24, 2023
AFTCO Collegiate Bass Open – Lake Dardanelle – October 14-15, 2023
Hartwell Slam – Lake Hartwell– April 13-14, 2024
Collegiate Bass Fishing Championship presented by Bass Pro Shops – Pickwick Lake– May 23-24, 2024

To qualify for these bigger-than-ever cash bonus prizes, winning anglers are required to fish in a Triton, Ranger or Nitro boat that is 4 years old or newer.

Find out more details about each tournament contingency program and sign up to participate at the links below:

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