San Antonio, TX (April 25, 2022) – The Association of Collegiate Anglers has announced that Secret Lures will continue to support the Collegiate Bass Fishing Series  and Association of Collegiate Anglers.  The sponsorship will include the renewal of the Secret Lures Discounts and Incentives program for college anglers, as well as the Secret Lures Big Bass Bounty.  The $500 Big Bass Bounty will be paid to any collegiate angler who claims Big Bass honors in 2022 Collegiate Bass Fishing Series events on a Secret Lures product.

Secret Lures offers an innovative line of jigs, terminal tackle, and Stupid Tube® products. With such a diverse product line, collegiate anglers will have plenty of Secret Lures products to use to earn the Big Bass Bounty throughout the season and all across the country.  The Stupid Tube® and Stupid Craw® can be deadly in the early spring, MVP Swim Jigs will shine following the spawn, the MVP Football Jig will mop up out deep during the summer, and the Ledge Shaker jig head provides a finesse look to trigger finicky bass to bite year-round.

“The Association of Collegiate Anglers is thrilled to continue this partnership with Secret Lures for the 2022 season,” said Kyle Curry, ACA Managing Director.  “Secret Lures offers anglers with a wide range of products to catch fish from way up north to all the way down south, not to mention…baits and profiles to catch fish any time of the year!  As tournament anglers, these college anglers will benefit from having Secret Lures in their tackle box.”

All Secret Lures products will be eligible for the Big Bass Bounty, and collegiate anglers will have the opportunity to purchase discounted Secret Lures under the Association of Collegiate Anglers’ Discounts & Incentive Program.  For more information on the Secret Lures discount, click here.

Danny Blandford of Secret Lures added, “We’ve enjoyed working and growing with the Association of Collegiate Anglers.  Their programs have allowed us to forge relationships with college anglers and clubs all across the country and we look forward to continuing these efforts.  The impact of college fishing on our sport can’t be overstated and we’ve always felt that programs such as these are some of the most vital to support.”

More information regarding Secret Lures, including a complete lineup of their products, can be found at

About the Association of Collegiate Anglers

The Association of Collegiate Anglers (ACA), a division of CarecoTV, is a tournament organization created to facilitate growth, development, and structure within competitive collegiate bass fishing.  The ACA created the original BoatUS Collegiate Bass Fishing Series,17 seasons ago, which has evolved into the Bass Pro Shops Collegiate Bass Fishing Series which is now recognized as the longest-running consecutive collegiate bass fishing series in existence.  The ACA also provides support to dozens of smaller schools operating regional events nationwide which help to grow the exposure of college fishing.  The ACA owns the Bass Pro Shops Collegiate Bass Fishing Series, Bass Pro Shops School of the Year presented by Abu Garcia Program, and associated assets.   The ACA lineup of major college fishing events includes a variety of events nationwide that are multi-day events all of which are televised on several networks as well as streamed on a variety of connected platforms.

Thanks in part to the large diversity of media exposure the ACA provides the largest amount of televised and streaming coverage of any collegiate fishing series to include a dedicated television series on several television networks as well as additional coverage of select events inside other programs.  This combination includes coverage from Discovery Channel, CBS Sports, NBC, Pursuit Channel, as well as other regional and national networks.

For more information on the ACA or the Bass Pro Shops Collegiate Bass Fishing Series, visit For more information on Bass Pro Shops, visit  For more information on CarecoTV, visit

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