Kennesaw, GA –  Bass Pro Tour champion Dean Rojas taught the world that while a hollow-bellied frog excels atop thick grass beds, it also tempts big bass in open water and is effective throughout much of the year. When he designed the Bronzeye Pop to add to SPRO’s existing lineup of walking frogs, he had a clear winner. Now he’s done it again, with the addition of the Bronzeye Pop 70. It’s a larger version of the original, with the same great features but in a bigger profile and a heftier pop.
“There was a huge consumer demand for a bigger popping frog,” said SPRO® Marketing Director Syd Rives. “We didn’t see any need to change any of the industry-leading features or components that made the Bronzeye Pop 50 and Bronzeye Pop 60 so universally effective, but we had to beef it up to corral the biggest, meanest bass on any fishery.”
That started by building the lure around a stout and super-sharp Gamakatsu 5/0 EWG Double Hook, perfectly angled and designed to hook even tentative strikers. Fortunately, this lure’s booming action, created by its cupped mouth, tends to attract primarily violent explosions. When popped aggressively, it can call even neutral bass from a distance, but it’s at its best when popped in a small space, aggravating wary giants until they can’t stand it.
Like its little brothers, the biggest Bronzeye Pop is ready to catch fish right out of the package, with none of the modifications typically required of other hollow-bodied frogs. It weighs ¾ ounce and is 70 mm long. The super-soft plastic is highly buoyant, and the color-matched skirted legs provide excellent action and appeal at rest.
SPRO Bronzeye Pop 70 Features

Weight: ¾ oz.
Size: 70 mm
Hook: Gamakatsu 5/0 EWG Double Hook Round Bend treble hooks
Depth: Topwater

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