SAN ANTONIO, TX (October 6, 2023) – When you talk to top touring pros about one of their keys to be a successful angler, one word that is commonly brought up is “efficiency.”  Whether that be using Garmin LiveScope to find fish in a given area, labeling rods and reels to identify the setup you need for a certain presentation, or ensuring your tackle and gear is organized so you can quickly change baits…these different aspects of fishing all play a role in impacting an angler’s efficiency while out on the water.

“One thing that everybody has to take into consideration is tackle storage.  Every year, companies come with new stuff, new gadgets, new boxes that we can store tackle in,” said professional angler Mike McClelland.

Gamakatsu offers an extensive lineup of G-Box Utility Cases that are designed to store baits, hooks, terminal tackle, and other gear.  The G-Box product line includes Utility Cases, offered in traditional, deep, and reversible models.  Along with those options, the G-Box lineup offers a variety of sizes in the Slit Foam Case to store hooks.

One tackle box that professional angler Mike McClelland relies on a lot is the G-Box 3200 Reversible Utility Case.

“When you’re wanting to put together just a little assortment of tackle, you know that you’re going to be throwing a few baits…this little Gamakatsu G-Box here is perfect to just set a few baits in,” added McClelland.

Gamakatsu takes tackle storage to the next level with the new G-Box 3200 Reversible Utility Case. The innovative design places a lid on both sides of the box, effectively creating two separate containers in one unit. Each side of the G-Box 3200 Reversible Utility Case has its own lid, doubling tangle-free storage space in each container. The new design features V-shaped dividers that keep saltwater jigs, crankbaits and other favorites organized and ready to go. Stash a different type of lure on each side and switch fishing styles with a flip of a box. Wide, locking latches keep the boxes securely shut even if they bounce along in the boat or your bag.

For example, when it comes to fall fishing, McClelland may go into a fishing trip knowing that he’s going to throw several specific baits.  In this case, he will place those certain baits in this box so that he can easily access and change baits when needed.

McClelland also uses the G-Box Deep Utility Cases in a variety of different sizes.  He designates one box as his split ring/hook box.  In that particular box, he will keep split rings, treble hooks, split ring pliers, and a variety of other items that help him to quickly change out hooks.

For tournament anglers, eight hours of fishing is a tight window for them to go out and put forward their best effort to bring back a big limit to earn valuable prize money.  Start by planning and organizing your gear in Gamakatsu G-Boxes so you can be as efficient as possible.

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