COLUMBIA, S.C. – Bladed jigs have taken the bass community by storm in recent years. Now, Berkley has come out with their own contribution to the craze – The Berkley Slobberknocker.

Compared to other bladed jigs on the market, the Berkley Slobberknocker features an innovative through-head design that is completely unique to other bladed jigs. After countless hours spent testing on and off the water, Berkley Labs scientists fine-tuned this unique design that not only delivers a consistent vibration but is also perfectly suited to come through heavy cover while staying engaged.

Backed by science, the Slobberknocker features a signature hand-tied Berkley silicone skirt infused with PowerBait flavor to help ensure that every fish that bites will hold on longer, helping anglers put more fish in the boat.

The Slobberknocker also features a chip-resistant paint finish, as well as the sticky sharp Fusion19 hook. And, to match the hatch, there are 12 premium forage matching colorways to choose from. This grand combination makes the new Berkley Slobberknocker the ultimate solution when it comes to fishing bladed jigs.


Innovative Head-to-Blade connection design
Hand-tied, PowerBait infused silicone skirt
Talon style trailer keeper keeps bait secure without tearing
Premium color selection
Sharp and stout Fusion19 hook
Chip resistant paint finish

Berkley Slobberknocker

Sizes: 3/8oz • 1/2oz

Colors: BL Special • Green Pumpkin Shad • Green Pumpkin • White • Bama Bream • Coleslaw • White Chartreuse • Herring • Golden Shiner • Fire Craw • Bruised • Hot Craw

MSRP: $13.99

Available: September 2022

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