Wild Water Fly Fishing Rod Review

Fly fishing is one of the most loved types of angling the world over, so if you’re passionate about it and want to share this passion with someone else you might be lost for where to start. If the person in question has never fished before there’s quite a lot they’ll have to learn, and that’s just to do with the equipment.

When you’re trying to introduce someone to your hobby and passion you want to be sure you’re doing so with the right gear, as having something cheap and flimsy could ruin their first experience altogether. Therefore, it’s important to put your trust in a brand that’s known for quality angling gear to ensure the very best for their first time.

Wild Water is one of those brands, with years and years of expert knowledge backing up everything they make. They have designed a custom starter package that’s perfect for beginners in fly fishing and giving you every accessory you need to get someone else started on your favorite hobby.

This complete fly fishing rod set has been made with the beginner in mind but would suit just as well as a backup set for the serious angler who likes to pick up and get fishing wherever they might be. If you’ve been searching for a quality set that gives you all the tools you need to land a fish, the Wild Water Fly Fishing Rod Starter Package is worth your consideration.

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Wild Water Fly Fishing Rod

Wild Water Fly Fishing Rod

  • 4 Piece
  • IM8 graphite

Wild Water is a leading brand in all things fishing, and with over 12 years of experience behind them, they certainly know how to make a product that anglers will enjoy. This Fly Fishing Starter Package has been designed for someone who’s never done a day of fishing in their life as it gives them everything they need to get started.

Whether you’re completely new to fishing yourself or know someone that you want to introduce your favorite hobby to, this is a package that covers all the basics. You’ll get a four piece rod, rod case, rod sock, large arbor reel, preinstalled line, backing, and leader, flies, fly box, and instruction manual.

Wild Water specializes in fly fishing gear so you know that they’re going to put the essentials in this package, and even with a handy instruction manual so someone could teach themselves the basic if they really wanted to. Other features that come with this starter package include:

  • A waterproof floating box to keep your gear safe;
  • Lifetime warranty of the rod;
  • 9 ft 5/6 rod that comes in four pieces;
  • Diecast aluminum fly fishing reel;
  • Includes a range of flies like black ants, ear nymph, and parachute Adams;

This is the quintessential starter package that offers more quality in every piece than you’ll find on most rods and reels alone. Wild Water backs all of their products up with sizeable warranties, and on the rod alone you have a lifetime guarantee of its quality, so it’s definitely one of the best starter kits you’ll find.

What You’ll Get From The Wild Water Fishing Starter Package

There are conflicting reports about the flexibility of this rod, with some people saying it was far too stiff and others saying the complete opposite. For those who are new to fly fishing it can be an adjustment getting used to the flexible rod, but as far as the expert anglers are concerned this is the perfect level of flexibility you look for in a fly reel.

Some people weren’t too happy about the flies included in this package so you might want to spend a little extra and invest in quality. For first-timers, though, they’re adequate for learning with and once you learn more about the different types of flies and what fish they’re made for, you’ll be better equipped to choose some of higher quality.

Probably the best thing about this set is the rod that comes with it because it’s of higher quality than some other stand-alone rods you’ll find on the market. With a lifetime warranty you can be pretty much guaranteed it’s been made to the highest of standards, so even if you upgrade the rest of your gear over time as you develop your skills this is one piece you can hang onto.

Where To Buy

Shopping for fishing gear these days is easy with most of the bigger manufacturers being available online, including Wild Water.

This starter package is available on Amazon for under $90 which is pretty outstanding, especially considering the value of the rod in itself. Amazon will also ship the entire starter package to your door at no extra cost, making it even more enticing to shop online.

Wild Water is a brand that stands behind what they make, and although the other parts in the kit aren’t as sturdy, they guarantee that you’ll get a lifetime of use out of the rod. This means you can hold onto it for your entire fishing career and never have to get a new one, saving you thousands of dollars over the years.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a rod to suit the first timer or want something quality as your back up piece, you really can’t go wrong with the Wild Water Fishing Starter Package. It has everything you need to get started, even an instruction manual, so you can literally take it straight down to the water and enjoy.

Fly fishing is an amazing hobby to get into and even better if you start your lifelong passion with the right gear at your side. 

College Bass occasionally links to product and/or services offered by vendors to assist you with all your fishing. Some of these may be affiliate links, meaning we earn a small commission if items are purchased.

Wild Water Fly Fishing Rod

Wild Water Fly Fishing Rod

  • 4 Piece
  • IM8 graphite

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