best summer bass fishing techniques

Best Summer Bass Fishing Techniques

The summer can be a great time to gain new fishing skills and try out some new techniques & lures. In the days of summer when extreme temperatures are experienced only the smart bass anglers are successful.

The warmer the water the harder it becomes to get fish. At this time it becomes difficult to see the usual large schools of bait.

Fortunately, there are tips to overcome all this and emerge victoriously. That’s why we put together this guide to show you the best Summer Bass Fishing Techniques that work.

Fishing Patterns for Summer Bass

As the water warms up and the sun scorches the bass adopt new patterns to help them survive. This is when they start moving to new sections of water for a greener pasture. The new patterns help them survive the months of summer.

Knowing these patterns can help you to be more fruitful

The bass change to becoming deep water hunters. This is because here they thrive best and are more comfortable. As they get to a depth of 20 the degrees can go down by 15 degrees resulting in cooler waters. Here they’re more comfortable and can hunt with ease.

During this summer season, the bass fish opt for ambush cover attacks. This technique requires less energy compared to chasing worms and insects. Noting this pattern is worthwhile to avoid casting at high speeds.

Real summer progress will be fruitful with a slow movement of the buzzbait.

To cool their bodies many basses like to move into the current. The current contains a high rate of oxygenated water. The currents also come with a lot of food not only for the bass but also for other predators in the water.

The reason for this is the increased bass movement downstream with the current.

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Best Lures and Techniques

The failure and success of your summer fishing lie in the lures and techniques you choose. According to the deepwater angler Nick Kost it is not the season that matters, it’s rather the lures and fishing gears you have that matter.

I agree with this that’s why I come up with a comprehensive list of lures to use when visiting bait shops. They are efficient during the warm summer months.

I will try to add some techniques to present these lures.

Fishing With Fluke

Throwing this weedless bait (Texas rigged fluke) into heavy grass yields more. Why is it so? The reason is that during the summer when surface temperatures rise, fish need more shade to keep themselves cool.

The grass also helps them to perform great ambushes. The flukes have been proven to be the effective lures for these environs.

In such a scenario you should position yourself towards the wind and cast high into the air. The wind will help you to make a comfortable cast and longer distance.

Then move the fluke slowly. It is good to flap the lure to create noise. This helps to catch the attention of the bass.

This rigged fluke lure is weightless and will require little energy to move.

Using a Jerkbait

When the warm-water temperatures rise during the summer the fish have two options to seek cover or to move into the deep waters. The fish like to suspend a few feet above the thermocline.

The thermocline is a layer that separates the warmer water and the cool water. In such places, the slow sinking jerkbait is a productive bait.

When you cast this lure it moves down slowly arousing the bass. They will be prompted to bite the bait. The sinking jerkbaits stay in the target zone longer. Since they are not floating.

Aim at targeting the transition points where the fish dwell during summer. The only time you can use the floating jerkbait is in shallow waters.

Topwater Frog Lures

When you are fishing highly vegetative waters. You need a weedless like the topwater frogs. The frog lures are effective during the morning and late evening hours. Though it’s not a bad idea to try it out during the day. But you must use it correctly.

There are two frog styles you can use. The frogs that have a cupped mouth and the ones without a cup. The cupped frog is good when it’s windy. In most cases, the fish will attack when the frog pauses, therefore, be patient. The cupped frog on the other hand is good for heavily vegetative places.

The bass fish may not recognize it’s a frog. The only way they can do that is to bite the bait. That will be a win.

Using the Plastic Craws

The plastics craws offer a generally pocket-friendly alternative for baits. These lures can be used for any bass species. The lure resembles the crawfish that makes a popular bass lure.

The reason why this lure is recommended is that it is found in deep waters. When the fish are sheltering the sun in the deep waters, it can trap them.

The lure also resembles other prey such as bluegill. The lure can also be added a scent that will attract fish. The adding of odor will encourage the fish to bite the bait.

Best Time of Day to Fish for Bass during the summer

Early Morning

Fishing early in the morning is a perfect time to fish before the water starts to warm up. During this time you can cast from shore along the river banks and shallow waters.

In the morning light penetration to the water surface is low. Hence, most prey will roam around the water surface, thus attracting more fish.

The topwater bait will work well during this ours. When the sunrise the bass will start moving towards the deep waters. They also shit to the direction of water currents.

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Late Afternoon

In the late afternoon, most bass is likely to be hungry. They will spend the whole day hiding the sun in the deep sea where food is scarce.

When they emerge in the evening they will attack anything that looks like food. Introducing a bait here will yield more. At this time they are tired they will therefore not be in the mood to chase any prey.

This means casting from the spot slowly will yield more results.

At Night

At night it’s a good time to fish. At this time the water is cooler, thus the fish are more active. This is when large bass schools can be witnessed.

The night is also convenient because there are fewer people and less movement. Summer, specifically, is a great time to fish at night. The bass takes advantage of the low heat to feed before sunrise.

4 Hot Weather Bass Fishing Tips

Topwater Fishing

At sundown, dawn, and night topwater fishing is an applicable technique. Remember I hard earlier recommended to you that these are the best time to fishing during the summer.

That is why you should know the techniques you will use. Topwater fishing will involve the use of the surface lures like the floating jerkbaits. At this time the bass fish are usually in the top surfaces and shallow waters.

Your bait will be noticed easily on the topwater.

Observe Ribbons of water

The sign of fire is smoke. When it comes to fishing the sign of fish is water ribbons. When you see ribbons it’s probably as a result of exhaling activities by fish. This signifies the presence of fish beneath.

You should drop casts at such places. Use the deepwater lures and flutter them at low speeds to alert the fish. This helps to cause noise tactics.

Deep Water Fishing

When the temperatures rise in the fish move to deeper waters. In deepwater, the temperatures range from 15 to 20 degrees below the surface. This temperature is enough to keep the fish comfortable.

You will hardly find fish in a shallow body of water. They all move towards the deep sea.

This fact makes it good to always fish in the deep waters. Use deep diving lures to comb structures like ditches, ledges, or humps. You can use lures like crankbaits, jigs, and Caroline rigs.

Flipping and Pitching Technique

Flipping and pitching are techniques that are used to fish the shallow waters. This is an action done from a short distance. It helps to cover large water surfaces without frightening the skinny water bass.

This tip is important for warm water conditions during summer. During this time fish dwell in the covered water.

Final Thoughts

Just like the way we apply various techniques when our house becomes warm. The same applies to bass fishing when the warmer summer season approaches. This calls for a different approach to fish more.

With the best summer bass fishing techniques, we have discussed above fishing will continue. Remember to use the lure and techniques we have discussed above for better results.

Related Questions

Is bass fishing good in the summer?

Yes, bass fishing in the summer is a good habit that will enhance the angler’s fishing techniques. To maximize the fishing potential during summer, normalize fishing at dawn and dusk. Then use the recommended lures for summer.

What is the best bait for bass in the summer?

The jerkbait, fluke, frog, and plastic craw lure are the best bait fish for the summer. These lures are good for the deep seas, covered waters, and water current areas. These lures are for such environs.

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